i hate tag!

instructions :
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions~

1. What is your name :
muhammad zikery bin hassan

2. A four letter words :

mati, makan, mandi

3. A boy's name :
i hate him

4. A girl's name :
marlia musa.
m.nasir wife's

5. An Occupation :
moral teacher

6. A color :
merah + biru = ungu

7. Something you'll wear :
mawi tshirt.

8. Something found in school:

9. A food :

mee udang.
sgt sedap

10. Something found in the bathroom :
mangkuk jamban

11. A place :

12. A reason for being late :
mak saye lupe kejotkan saye.
sori mum!

13. Something you'd shout :
mereng tol ar!

14. A movie title :
i like move move it

15. A musical group :
malaysian indie.
hassan yg ajar.

16. A street name :

mati street
(jln mati)

17. A type of car :

18. The title of a song :
mawar khayalan.

im tagged :
tak mo tag sesape.
tag ini mati di sini.


tag ini telah dibaiki.
TQ kpd yg menegur aku.


Kaka' said...

i think u got it wrong here
read the instructions properly

zikery hassan said...

thnx kaka'
xbace soklan instruction
sebenarnye. haha~

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